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We believe that success is the intersection of creativity and perseverance.

We believe the best answers often come from asking the difficult questions.

We believe that your business should work for you, not the other way around.



thriving in a Changing business climate

Will making the same choices you made today still work as well tomorrow?

How will the changing economic and political climate affect your business? 

We can help.





how do you promote the right people?

Once you manage to successfully hire the right people, be careful to not promote the wrong people. Second only to poor hiring decisions, bad promotions stifle growth in companies. More often than not this is a combination of promoting the wrong person and not promoting someone who should be promoted. Who to promote is as important as who to not promote. We can help.

How do you outsource the right roles?

Some roles in a company do not require a full-time employee. For those roles you can split an employee's time or you can either outsource the role to a company which specializes in doing that job, or you hire a contractor that specializes in that role. But be careful not to outsource certain roles, even if they are not needed full time. We can help.



The topic of vacations most often comes up from employees who either use all of it up and feel they don’t have enough, or employees who seem to never use any of it and who have a huge balance of unused hours which is sitting on the company’s books as a liability. So what is ideal and how do you get there? We can help.

What are the right metrics?

In general, metrics are the measurements of data within the company which may help leadership and the CEO determine the best course of action forward. Metrics represent a snapshot in time of various measurable parameters. But with so many parameters that could be measured, which are vital and which will only create indecision? We can help.


we can help

There are more sources of advice available to the entrepreneur today than ever. Many of them contradict each other.

We help navigate through this information overload, prioritize goals, and define achievable paths to results.

You know how to sell your products, we know how to make that process smoother and easier.

Together we grow your business.